“Start fidgeting!” It can actually promote longevity

Sometimes it’s fun to post an article here for no other reason than the fact that…well, that it’s fun.

We recently posted a piece about how sitting for too many hours a day can create all kinds of health risks. We reported on those risks — including an increased risk of premature death — and repeated the advice of researchers to get up and move around, hopefully several times a day.

We just came across an article that seems to suggest that you don’t even need to get up to move around. You can fidget while you’re sitting.

Many of us will remember admonitions from grade school teachers to “Sit still!” and “Stop fidgeting!” It tuns out fidgeting can be good for you.

Scientists in the UK analyzed date on more than 12,700 women, who were asked to rate themselves as “moderately” fidgety, “very fidgety,” or “not fidgety at all.” The researchers also collected information about physical activity, diet, smoking and alcohol.

The findings:

— Compared with sitting for less than five hours a day, remaining seated for seven or more hours was associated with a 30% increased risk of death from any cause – but only for women in the low fidgeting group.

— Long sitting time did not affect the mortality risk of middle and high-range fidgeters.

It’s still a good idea not to sit continuously for too long, and to get up and do even a short burst of exercise. But if you do to sit, don’t sit still!

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