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Library Journal, May, 2023

This title from Cravit (The New Old: How the Boomers Are Changing Everything…Again) and advertising executive Wolf starts with true stories of what they call “SuperAgers”: older people—in their 80s, 90s, and even 100s—who are doing the unthinkable given their age. The authors list the seven A’s of SuperAgers: Attitude, Awareness, Activity, Accomplishment, Autonomy, Attachment, and Avoidance. Each of the seven A’s gets its own chapter, whose information is backed up by scientific studies. The book affirms that a positive attitude, an awareness of what you need for longevity, physical and mental activity, a sense of purpose, a sense of independence, and strong personal relationships are all keys to becoming a SuperAger. The authors also trace the history of how SuperAgers have evolved and how they differ from “DefaultAgers”—those who don’t see the positives of getting older. The book does more than just outline what a SuperAger needs, though. Each chapter provides concrete steps, tips, guidance, charts and even quizzes to help one shift into the broader and more all-encompassing mindset of SuperAging.

VERDICT – A timely read and a great handbook for a growing societal group seeking to delay their physical decline.

NetGalley, April 27

This comprehensive and well-written book challenges anyone to rethink their concept of aging. Move away from a negative and defeatist DefaultAging mindset toward an empowered SuperAging period in life. Attitude, awareness, activity, accomplishment, autonomy, attractiveness and the avoidance of negative factors are covered in depth, with practical tools and action plans. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 3 — Awareness and the drive for personal development, self-education and learning.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads, April 1

SuperAging is not the typical “how to stay healthy and live a long, active life” book. It is, in fact, far more in depth about the culture and politics surrounding aging, and how to leverage technological and social advances to your advantage as you live an active, independent life into your 70s, 80s and beyond.

I have read numerous books about the healthy choices that enable humans to live healthier and longer, and found SuperAging to be a refreshing, informative twist on the topic of aging.  With numerous ideas and resources for aging in place and maintaining independence well beyond what has previously been expected, the authors have created a reference that should be required reading for everyone who has reached the point in life where retirement is an option or who is related to or involved with someone of retirement age.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Net Galley, March 17

I really liked this book! It has an entirely different focus than most books about aging, so even if you have others on your bookshelf, this is a great addition. The book focus on seven different areas of our lives: attitude, awareness, activity, autonomy, achievement, attachment and avoidance. The coverage of each area is superb with many ideas that are worth careful consideration to make the aging process more enjoyable. The book promotes the idea that aging can be done in a healthier fashion with a better attitude than how people expected their golden years to be lived in the past.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Net Galley, January 23

Really enjoyed this book. A great read that clearly articulates where we are in society and default aging versus SuperAging. This is an area and topic that I am very interested in, and I found this book thought-provoking, well-written, full of usable and practical information and surely writing plays an important part of our health and wellness conversation for the years to come.