From new approaches to cancer to low-temperature medicine: Here’s what they’re talking about at the Dublin Longevity Summit

It shouldn’t be surprising that longevity is becoming a hot topic in the conference industry. Longevity “summits” bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and “thought leadership” observers to report on the latest findings, and share ideas on how to bring dramatic scientific discoveries to the market.

At SuperAging, we’re keeping track of these conferences and will try to report, in a timely fashion, on the topics in play. Just taking a look at the agendas can provide a valuable overview what are the hottest new niches and where the big investor dollars are flowing.

August sees Longevity Summit 2023 in Dublin, details reported here.

The article quotes Longevity Events CEO Martin O’Dea: “Longevity is rapidly becoming the field of focus of this century but is still in infancy and so full of excitement and opportunity. At any event like this the talks on stage from the most eminent scientists exploring the ‘possible’ is only matched by the social meetings between participants and attendees alike that can open the door to all manner of wonderful collaborations.”

Indeed, the program does contain an interesting mix of the purely scientific with investment and social outreach.

Science or research-based topics include:

  • Novel approaches to regeneration
  • Advances in machine learning and bioinformatics
  • The elusive concept of biological age
  • Delivering macromolecules and larger things
  • Novel approaches to defeating cancer
  • Taking mouse longevity studies to the next level
  • The promise of low-temperature medicine

Topics around finance and social mobilization include:

  • Financing rejuvenation
  • Strengthening outreach
  • Raising political influence

It’s an intriguing mix, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the presentations as they are published, and trying to capture that information for readers here.

We are also keeping an eye on the next big conference, RAADFEST, presented by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, which takes place in September in Anaheim, CA.

What’s really encouraging about these conferences is that they go beyond presenting new science (every scientific specialty, of course, has learned conferences of its own) to address the vital questions of how and why (and for many tens of millions of dollars) that new science can actually be deployed. SuperAgers need to keep up with these developments, and we’ll do our best to bring them to you.

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