Do you have a longevity investment portfolio? Now there’s a Master Class in how to do it — and we’ll be attending

Do you have a longevity investment portfolio?

We’ve reported many times before on how “longevity” is now an established category in the world of investing. There’s even a Longevity Stock Index.

But how should you approach longevity investing? Most of the plays, after all, are with start-ups. The upside is staggering, but how do you get the best information and decide the best selections.

It was only a matter of time before someone put together a webinar — in this case, a Master Class — in how to go about it.

As reported here, there will be just such a webinar, to be held on Thursday, November 15. And of course, plans to attend and to report back on all the ideas.

Here’s how the program is described: “Investing in the Age of Longevity offers a packed program of presentations all delivered by scientists and business leaders at the cutting edge of the field; the event is curated to ensure participants leave with valuable learning points to help build their longevity investment portfolios. The program will provide the opportunity for attendees to get the inside track on the latest aging related discoveries and hear from some of the leading longevity investors on what excites them and what they look for in a longevity investment. Plus, there will be the facility to engage with some of the most promising businesses identified as being good investments in this rapidly accelerating sector.”

We’re excited to see these presentations. Keep watching this website — and be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter — as we bring you the hottest new ideas from this importance conference!

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