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SuperAging now available in audiobook format

We’re excited to announce that SuperAging can now be purchased as an audiobook. Click here to listen to an excerpt from the first chapter. You can purchase it wherever audiobooks are sold, like Audible, Librofm, or Chirp.

SuperAging now an Amazon best-seller

As of August 2, 2023, we rank #1 in our category on Amazon Kindle. It’s an important endorsement not only of the book itself — which of course we appreciate — but of the importance of the whole topic. The SuperAging revolution is definitely here — and definitely being recognized!

DAVID CRAVIT has an established profile and track record in writing on aging and related issues. He is the author of two previous books — The New Old, which showed how the Baby Boomers “reinvented” aging, and Beyond Age Rage, which examined the so-called war of the generations.

He has appeared frequently on radio and TV, and in print, as a respected commentator on the new trends and developments driving the SuperAging phenomenon.

Getting older does not have to mean the end of accomplishment and growth. For SuperAgers, the period after age 65 can be one of the most productive and fulfilling times of life.

SuperAging is already a reality for millions. But the science, business and culture of aging have changed at such a rapid pace, that they can be hard to keep up with. That’s where David and Larry can help. We’ve broken down SuperAging into seven simple components. We call them the 7A’s — Attitude, Awareness, Activity, Autonomy, Accomplishment, Attachment and Avoidance (of certain negatives). We’ll show you how you can put these forces to work in your own life!


LARRY WOLF’s expertise is in identifying important trends and creating opportunities to capitalize on them. He has advised a number of Fortune 500 companies and governments on their branding and communications strategies.

Larry founded and developed the Wolf Group from a two-person consultancy into a sizable international advertising agency with offices in seven cities in the USA and Canada. His company helped successfully create and launch many new brands.

Most recently Larry identified a number of trends precipitated by increased longevity, and saw an unrealized opportunity to unify, explain and brand the key elements of successful aging.